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It's a Mellama!
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I gots me a haircut.

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It's been... a quiet whirlwind, is what I'll call it. Still waiting on papers from the Bureau of Immigration, hopefully it makes it in time for my Japan trip. We got good discount deals on the plane tickets, so... fingers crossed.

I've come to accept that I won't be able to push myself so hard that I'll graduate this semester. But I'm going to at least work hard to get my revisions done so I can make it to proposal defense.

I feel like I had more to say but apart from trying to keep my house from falling apart (pest control! keeping the kitchen sink clear and clean! chores! errands! budgeting!), that's about it.

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Hi hi, friends :D

I figured I would just put this out there in case anybody might be interested.

Basically I have a web hosting account I currently use that... I've barely used even the fraction of the space and bandwidth of, atm, and I wanted to offer to split up the cost of the plan with whomever might be interested? Currently what I know to do is set up individual WordPress accounts per subdomain, and you can access yours easily from your own log-in page. (Yay!)

For the sake of transparency, my current web hosting plan is at around $60 per year. It currently gives me 10GB. I've only used... not even half of a GB (I mostly have portfolio and blog sites, for reference. Although they haven't grown in scale or anything. So.)

So the more there are of us, the cheaper it will cost per year. If I can get one web roomie, it's $30 per year for each. If I had 2 roomies, $20 per year. 3 roomies, $15 per year... and so on. If you're putting up, say a portfolio or any site that isn't going to rely heavily on huge media files that take up a lot of space, we're golden. :D If you're going to be using a custom domain name, we can just figure out how to attach your current one (if you already own one) to my webhost. :D If you don't have one yet, you can buy one from any provider? (I currently use Gandi, just for convenience, but they're a little pricier in terms of domain names, iirc.) If you're okay with having it be a subdomain without a custom domain name (ex. 'yournamehere'.melgcabral.com) then you just pay for the cost of webhosting.

For those who aren't going to be using WordPress, I can still look into whether I can provide FTP access that's password-locked and stuff too. But I'm not 100% sure on that ATM. I haven't really had the time to. :(

So, uhm, yes. If you're interested, please PM me~ or if you know anybody who might be interested too.

(This is brought to you by Mel needing to figure out what to cut from her yearly expenses because thesis has been eating my life and thus haven't had time to do more projects that pay so I am trying to see how to make things win-win for everybody. Whee?)

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As always, no obligations and no pressure! ♥

My Christmas wishlist is basically mostly subscriptions and digital purchases! While I think they can be bought for me, I think they might be more expensive if it finds you're in another country (???). Not too sure on that... so let me know if the prices are showing up differently on your end? @_@

1. Spotify annual subscription (~$35 or so in our pricing?)
2. Evernote Premium annual subscription (~$25 in our pricing?)
3. Omnifocus 2 Pro Upgrade (phone) ($20) or an Apple Store gift card (although I'm using the Philippine store I think, not the US one!)
4. Amazon Kindle E-Books Wishlist! Currently eyeing the latest Getting Things Done Kindle Edition. I also accept gift cards!
5. Moleskine sketchbooks and watercolor books from Book Depository (free international shipping! I can give you my address :'D)
6. Postcards or letters from you! :) PM me for address~
7. Steam games wishlist! Although I also accept gift cards :D

And, as always, any tips you could so kindly drop into the tip jar. I'm currently saving up for a proper (hopefully ergonormic!) work desk!

You can also leave a tip via Gumroad!

And, while I have been woefully struggling with updating the Patreon, I always always appreciate having more patrons. I will be uploading some art to it shortly--and may probablyyyy revamp it to be more of an art patreon because I am honestly getting so confused trying to come up with rewards specifically for art-related stuff, haha. Me? Hold another Patreon for writing stuff because I'm intense? Mayyyybe... T_T but I will head to the gym first, and then scan in some ahrt when I get home!!

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Also have a daily Snapchat selfie wishing you a great day, friends!!!

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:D I've only gone back to sleep after breakfast today! ... erm. Haha. Well, I managed to stay up the last few days (except Sunday--I was a very lazy, very sleepy loaf.) I think what works for me is having my partner help me wake up (he's been making breakfast lately, although I try to help out), eating, then washing the dishes right after to stay up/keep myself tempted from sleeping. Also, turning off the AC helps me get into work mode, for some reason... I guess because I'm not too comfy! (Although I might have to turn it back on if I'm doing digital artwork, as it can make my laptop overheat...)

I think I'll look into getting a sun lamp as somebody suggested, but I'm not sure they're locally available...

Another thing I should try is to make that one hour before 'work time' be some form of fun time... maybe drawing? Reading some articles? Watching a video? I try to get my butt working at 8am, and log out at around 3pm (then I go work out at a gym, three times a week!) But my partner gets up around 5.30am (sometimes earlier?!), so I wake up along with him, and we usually finish eating in under an hour, so that's... lots of time before I'm supposed to work. (I'm trying NOT to send myself straight to work after eating/waking up.)

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I need new eyeglasses but am on a tight budget... especially because for the first time ever, I accidentally stepped on my glasses in the dark. ;_; (That was actually a couple of weeks ago, but, erm, I've been keeping it mostly together with scotch tape, hah.)

I was delighted when I found that the optical shop I usually get my glasses at had a branch near me...

... but now that I need them, I just found out they're closed for good. ;_; w h y

I suppose I could try out the other shops in the nearby malls, but doing a quick google search made me wince at the prices. ;___; My options are to either attempt to find cheap glasses at Quiapo (and I'm unfamiliar with that particular area) or to take a trip to family!home and get my glasses done there... and I'll have to come back and pick them up later too. Ahaha.

I wish I could still borrow my mom's tiny tiny laptop so I could just sleep at family!home and work there while I do, but... you make do with what you have, yeah? ;_;

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u_u Does anybody have any advice for somebody who keeps crawling back into the bed covers every time they're done eating breakfast? The extra sleep I've been taking ranges from 1.5 hrs to 4 hrs. Today it was about 2 hours... granted, this has only been going on for the last three days, so maybe it's just a thing I'll get out of?

I'd really appreciate any advice I can get. I feel like it's due to just... not wanting to face the day, maybe being afraid of something--of submitting lackluster work? Which makes no sense because I've been doing just fine for months now. I feel like last week's political events may have had something to do with with my overall drop in feelings.

But yeah, I appreciate any advice I can get. I might try to make a list of 'Things to Look Forward To When I Get Up' tonight.

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I don't actually know if I'll have enough time to reply to comments, but I'll try! I'd really like to get back into writing for myself, as encouraged by my friends who are getting back into it lately, haha. Nabbed from [profile] thebonesoffersallletters

Give me a potential title and I'll tell you about the story I would write for it.

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(crossposted from my personal Facebook)

I've been getting a lot better at not feeling bad about """"down""" times (lots of quotes, because I think the pressure of society makes one feel as if every minute must be spent doing something life-changing). The other day I got up a lot later than I would have liked, but instead of thinking I "should" have got up, I asked myself, "Do you need more time to rest? When will you be ready to get up?" And what do you know? I eventually got up, made myself breakfast, showered, even had the energy to go out from one city to another and have coffee and cake with my mother. And come home, and do the groceries with my partner. When back when I wrote this I would have probably stayed in bed feeling bad for myself and getting angry at myself for "wasting time"...

Yesterday--because she asked if what she heard was true--I came out and told my mother I did in fact go to therapy on my own after raising some funds online, and I told her that I did have depression and anxiety.

She asked me, "How are you now? Do you think you're okay now?"

I said I was a lot better now, that the therapy really changed my life--and I felt so sad that it's still inaccessible to a lot of people, a lot of warm-hearted people who really need it--and that I wanted to do something about battling the stigma against mental illness. That I wanted to help with mental health advocacy.

It turns out my mom is now actively helping with mental health advocacies too.

And I feel a lot better now that I could finally tell her without fear of being reprimanded for my mental and emotional needs. No, I don't think we've gotten to the nitty-gritty of things--but we've finally touched based on the surface level and I think that counts for something, one rainy day at a cozy little cafe, our embrace warmer than the coffee in our cups.

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