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It's a Mellama!
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February 2017
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It's a Mellama! [userpic]
To Current and Future Patrons:


I would like to do a quick poll, for those already supporting my work (thank you!), and those who have thought of doing so but have not yet. Cross-posted from my Patreon:

In the interests of making sure I can provide more of what tickles your fancy and brightens your day when you see your Patreon dash, I would like to ask a few questions, which I hope will help me better serve you:

1. When you pledged to this campaign, did you pledge for something specifically? For example, did you pledge because you enjoy my art posts and want to see more of them? Or did you pledge for my writing posts? Or was it the crafting posts that got your attention? Or are you pledging in general to support me for all of those things?

2. What would you like to see me post more of? (I know I have been terribly lacking in this aspect. In turn, I have been reworking my rewards and goals, and trying to come up with systems to make these easier to get to you!) Are there certain rewards you would like to see? Are there rewards you wanted to get but couldn't because of price points?

Thank you so much for your time :D I promise to take everything into account, so that this campaign will be better and brighter than ever <3

All the best,

Hi! This was originally posted at http://itsamellama.dreamwidth.org/150214.html. You can comment there using OpenID. I mainly use Dreamwidth now; please feel free to follow me there!