It's a Mellama! (itsamellama) wrote,
It's a Mellama!

Update on the 'Sleeping in the Morning' front...

:D I've only gone back to sleep after breakfast today! ... erm. Haha. Well, I managed to stay up the last few days (except Sunday--I was a very lazy, very sleepy loaf.) I think what works for me is having my partner help me wake up (he's been making breakfast lately, although I try to help out), eating, then washing the dishes right after to stay up/keep myself tempted from sleeping. Also, turning off the AC helps me get into work mode, for some reason... I guess because I'm not too comfy! (Although I might have to turn it back on if I'm doing digital artwork, as it can make my laptop overheat...)

I think I'll look into getting a sun lamp as somebody suggested, but I'm not sure they're locally available...

Another thing I should try is to make that one hour before 'work time' be some form of fun time... maybe drawing? Reading some articles? Watching a video? I try to get my butt working at 8am, and log out at around 3pm (then I go work out at a gym, three times a week!) But my partner gets up around 5.30am (sometimes earlier?!), so I wake up along with him, and we usually finish eating in under an hour, so that's... lots of time before I'm supposed to work. (I'm trying NOT to send myself straight to work after eating/waking up.)

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