It's a Mellama! (itsamellama) wrote,
It's a Mellama!

Daily diaries!

Dec 6
- woke up, had breakfast, washed dishes
- promptly fell asleep for another 3 hours
- got up, managed not to bash self for extra rest?
- took up more lessons in an online course I took
- lunch!
- joined partner and friends for exercise (altho I mostly walked cuz bad knee/foot :c)
- replied to possible art thing
- went home early cuz partner had work left
- bought tuna and canned corn for dinner!
- had dinner! (I prepped salad!)
- finally opened my 1001 sticker books I bought a while back for ~inspiration~
- mini-misunderstanding w/ partner? resolved?
- watched JoJo Part 4 till most recent episode!

Dec 7
- got up at 6am (not too shabby?)
- made coffee, peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast!
- washed dishes
- checked in with certain group I'm with!
- got distracted about 'how do brand self', haha
- okay i promise i'm going to work on The Thing now
- I actually finished an article! (Well, 1st draft, needs edits, but STILL.)
- gonna work on more and maybe update this thing as i go along?
- finished 3 articles!
- washed the dishes again???
- made vegetable stock out of frozen veggie leftovers!
- ate the last of my leftover sinigang ahaha
- took out the trash!!
- replaced the trash can linings
- went to the gym!
- met my partner for dinner
- had a long but productive chat abt emotions, friendships, communication, and pursuing personal goals for next year
- played more Mystic Messenger

Also have a daily Snapchat selfie wishing you a great day, friends!!!

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