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Christmas 2017 Wishlist

As always, no obligations and no pressure! ♥

My Christmas wishlist is basically mostly subscriptions and digital purchases! While I think they can be bought for me, I think they might be more expensive if it finds you're in another country (???). Not too sure on that... so let me know if the prices are showing up differently on your end? @_@

1. Spotify annual subscription (~$35 or so in our pricing?)
2. Evernote Premium annual subscription (~$25 in our pricing?)
3. Omnifocus 2 Pro Upgrade (phone) ($20) or an Apple Store gift card (although I'm using the Philippine store I think, not the US one!)
4. Amazon Kindle E-Books Wishlist! Currently eyeing the latest Getting Things Done Kindle Edition. I also accept gift cards!
5. Moleskine sketchbooks and watercolor books from Book Depository (free international shipping! I can give you my address :'D)
6. Postcards or letters from you! :) PM me for address~
7. Steam games wishlist! Although I also accept gift cards :D

And, as always, any tips you could so kindly drop into the tip jar. I'm currently saving up for a proper (hopefully ergonormic!) work desk!

You can also leave a tip via Gumroad!

And, while I have been woefully struggling with updating the Patreon, I always always appreciate having more patrons. I will be uploading some art to it shortly--and may probablyyyy revamp it to be more of an art patreon because I am honestly getting so confused trying to come up with rewards specifically for art-related stuff, haha. Me? Hold another Patreon for writing stuff because I'm intense? Mayyyybe... T_T but I will head to the gym first, and then scan in some ahrt when I get home!!

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